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The CEO Masterclass has been developed by Steve Tappin who has been coaching fortune-500 CEOs for over 30 years.

Steve and his company Xinfu have worked with some of the most successful companies globally, and now we have taken that insider knowledge and developed it into the world’s first and only CEO Masterclass.

The CEO Masterclass will give you top-down guidance and teach you the best practice steps on how you can become the best CEO for your company.

The Xinfu method has been transformed into the CEO Masterclass so now any leader can access the methodology anywhere, anytime.

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The Problem

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2/3 of CEOs struggle to do the job.

Source: Secret of CEO.

No business school or academic institution has in-depth dedicated CEO knowledge or expertise.

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Over 60% of CEOs are not trusted and over 63% have no credibility. Source: Edelman and Forbes.

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We need a new approach for leading as a CEO, and that is why we created the CEO Masterclass.

Over 80% of CEOs and senior leaders are stressed.

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90% of small and medium sized businesses go bust within 10 years.

Steve Tappin

Steve has coached over 500 CEOs globally, including top leaders across the UK, China and Silicon Valley.

In 2017, Xinfu, the CEO Specialist company, co-founded by Steve, won the global award for Professional Service for the Best Leadership of a Mould Breaking Firm.

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Co-wrote "The Secrets of CEOs -150 leaders on business, life and leadership" and "The Secrets of Chinese CEOs”

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TV host

Hosted 9 series of the BBC’s CEO Guru tv show. In which Steve talks to senior managers in leading companies to find out their secrets to success.